There will be no homework till September 15th. Untill that time, make sure your child is practicing writing his or her name.


Here I will keep you up to date with weekly homework! Check back for changes.

The red folder is your child's homework folder. This folder will be given to your child every Monday and is due every Thursday. Be sure that your child is practicing Thank you. Smile



The table below indicates what assignments are due each day. Note that if an assignment is listed under a day, such as Tuesday, then the assignment is due on that day. 


 Homework for the Week of August 13-15


 Thursday  Friday  
 Language Arts
 None  NoneLanguage Arts worksheet
 Math NoneNone
Math worksheet
 Spelling None None None
 OtherNone  Bring something from home to share with the class. It should be something  that will tell us about you. None